Industry-standard heat treatment equipment

We’ve been leading innovators in thermal technology since 1958. With decades of industry experience, Cooperheat has earned a trusted worldwide reputation for excellence, reliability, and innovation.
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Industry-standard heat treatment equipment

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The design of our equipment is based on over 50 years’ experience as a market leader in the field of heat treatment and has been developed to meet the real needs of the heat treatment engineering industry. Cooperheat modules deliver value for money, versatility, safety, and ease of operation & maintenance.

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Cooperheat supply a range of temperature programmers and controllers for setting and control the required heat treatment cycle. Our programmers and controllers are custom-made, incorporating unique features, for the localized heat treatment applications such as pipe weld and fabrication weld heat treatment process.

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Scott Fong, the Director of Cooperheat Equipment Limited on the acquisition of Cooperheat's manufacturing and equipment division from Stork UK
Cooperheat Equipment Limited is pleased to announce a landmark acquisition that positions us as a key player in the field heat treatment equipment industry. On September 7th, 2023, Cooperheat Equipment Limited successfully completed the acquisition of the Cooperheat manufacturing and equipment division from Stork Technical Services UK Limited. This strategic move also includes the granting of a license to use the Cooperheat brand in the UK, USA, and Canada.
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