70kVA Heat Treatment Unit

Cooperheat’s 70kVA Heat Treatment Units include our unique "Advantage 3" temperature programmer/controllers which ensure the required temperature uniformity within each control zone and a panel mounted 12 point Fuji recorder.
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70kVA Heat Treatment Unit by Cooperheat


The design of our equipment is based on over 50 years’ experience as a market leader in the field of heat treatment and has been developed to meet the real needs of the heat treatment engineering industry.

Cooperheat modules deliver:

  • Value for Money
  • Versatility
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Safety
  • Fitness for purpose
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Transformer core

  • Three phase, forced air cooled, class H, 70kVA.
  • Primary winding connected in Delta.
  • Secondary winding connected in Star.
  • Auxiliary winding: 110V a.c. 3.3kVA single phase.

Primary supply

  • Primary voltage: 380V, 415V, 440V.
  • Primary current: 106A, 97A, 92A.
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz.


  • Three phase 125A circuit breaker with shunt trip.
  • Three primary core winding over temperature thermostats. linked to circuit breaker shunt trip.

Secondary outputs

  • Output: 32.5V – 0V – 32.5V (for 30V and 60V heating element operation).
  • Auxiliary outputs: Two 110V, 10A, 50/60Hz output sockets.
  • Number of temperature controlled output channels: 6 channels.
  • Maximum load per output channel: 10.8kW (e.g. three 60V, 2.7kW heating elements).
  • Maximum current per output channel: 180A.


  • Six double pole, 180A, contractors with 110V a.c. coil.

Temperature control

  • Temperature measurement, display and control.
  • Degrees Fahrenheit or Degrees Centigrade.
  • Start temperature.
  • Temperature ramp up and down in degrees per hour.
  • Hold/soak temperature set point and hold/soak time period setting.

Temperature recording

  • Ambient temperature: Minus 0˚C to 50˚C.
  • Humidity: 20% to 80% RH, non-condensing is required (temperature x humidity < 3200).
  • Environmental protection: IEC IPSO (front door of panel mounted unit).
  • Input points: 12 Points.
  • Input thermocouple types: Thermocouple inputs – K.
  • Reference range: Type K: -200˚C to 1370˚C (-326˚F to 249˚F).
  • Printing system: Ink jet system, 6 colour.
  • Chart Width: 180mm.
  • Chart Length: Z fold 20m.
  • Chart Speed: 5 to 300mm per hour.


  • Case: 304 Stainless Steel case fitted with four 150mm nylon wheels.


  • Weight: 355kg.
  • Case Dimensions:
    – Height: 1545mm;
    – Width: 680mm;
    – Depth: 665mm.

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