50kVA Mannings Transformer Power Unit

Cooperheat’s transformer units (Mannings model) have achieved a worldwide reputation for cost effective design, quality and reliability having been successfully operated on heat treatment projects in some of the most demanding climates and industrial environments around the world, for over 50 years.
50kVA Power Unit (Mannings model) by Cooperheat


The 50kVA unit consists of a robust, natural air cooled, 3 phase transformer which is built into a compactly designed, strong, steel case which together provide the unit with a long working life expectancy. Each output channel is controlled by means of an internal energy regulator working in parallel with a digital temperature controller. Provision is also made for connection to external control from any compatible programmer/control unit. Switching between internal (manual) control or external (automatic) control mode is made via each channel’s auto/manual selector switch.

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Transformer core

  • Three Phase, Air Natural, Class ‘H’, 50kV.
  • Primary winding connected in Delta.
  • Secondary winding connected in Starm.

Primary supply

  • Primary voltage: 380V, 415V, 440V.
  • Primary current: 76A, 70A, 66A.
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz.


  • Three phase 100A circuit breaker with shunt trip.
  • Three primary core winding over temperature thermostats linked to circuit breaker shunt trip.

Secondary outputs

  • Output: 65V.
  • 6 temperature controlled output channels.
  • Max load per output channel: three 60V, 2.7kW heating elements.
  • Maximum current per output channel: 135A.
  • Auxiliary Output: Two 110V, 5A, 50/60Hz fused output sockets.


  • Contactorised – six off 200A, 110V a.c. solenoid contactors.


  • Six 110V Energy Regulators.
  • Six 110V Temperature Controllers.
  • One Multi-pin socket for remote programmer.
  • Mode Selection: Six Auto/Manual switches.
  • Indicators: Six 110V neon channel indicators.


  • Case: Robust sheet steel case complete with four 150mm diameter wheels.
  • Lifting Method: Fork lift under base.

Mains connection

  • The units are complete with 4.5m of four core primary cable.


  • Weight: 302kg.
  • Height: 1010mm.
  • Width: 675mm.
  • Depth: 725mm.

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